So Many Changes

Life is so crazy and different right now.  I graduated college less than two months ago and already have moved to a new state and started my career.  While at a first glance it sounds great, unfortunately, it is very difficult because there were some large sacrifices for this to happen.  Elisabeth and I discussed this with one another and decided that this would be the best situation for us at this point in time.  However, things have been much more difficult than we thought it would be.

Looking back now, Elisabeth thinks it would have been better for her defer for a semester and attempt to land a student teaching opportunity here locally.  She wouldn’t graduate when she had planned, but she’d be able to be with me.  This isn’t possible now because of how far into the process she already is, but it could have possibly worked out.  It is difficult sometimes thinking about all of the different options and choices that were available and wondering if we chose the best one.  Right now we need to focus on the choice we made, but it is still hard.

I still haven’t finished unpacking and probably wont for a good couple of weeks.  I have the essentials unpacked, and most of them put in their place in the apartment so that is good.  Weekends will be the best times to get things situated better because I am pretty worn out mentally after work each day.  Things will be getting better and better as I get more used to the situation and schedule I now have.

I started my career on Monday and am pretty excited.  Right now I am in training and will be for the next several weeks, but already I am feeling like this is something I could do for a long time.  There are many perks of this job that I am definitely enjoying.  I have been installing software on my computer remotely while in the training room which is pretty cool and using my time fairly wisely.  I have been picking up on the subjects very quickly and have had some extra time so that is nice.  There are still many things I need to get taken care of over the next couple of weeks and it is difficult remembering everything and staying organized with the apartment still not fully unpacked.

Soon things will be a little more manageable as I get things more settled.  Then as soon as Elisabeth graduates and is able to move down here we’ll get the rest of things settled and get her situated down here.  Then, then is when things will start being really good.  But not until then.  Right now there are aspects that I am enjoying, that is for sure, but I am still unable to fully relax and actually enjoy life, not without her by my side.  As I keep saying, time should hopefully fly by and we’ll be back to normal before we know it!

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