Great Weekend!

Work has been going great so far! However, I have only been in training so far. Today was a good flavor of what is to come, but Thursday afternoon is when I’ll be set free into the wild and on my own. Part of me is looking forward to that, while a part of me is dreading it as well. Overall it will be really good, just a little bit stressful!

Stress was minimal this last weekend though because Elisabeth came down to Austin and visited me for the weekend! Her parents provided the airfare for her to come out so that was wonderful! We explored some of the North-West portions of Austin, and I showed her my desk at work and where I sit. We had a really good time, except the fact that it wasn’t nearly long enough! Luckily we are about at the half-way point and so we’ll be back together again soon!

She really liked the apartment which I was really grateful for. I had been worried that she wouldn’t be a fan of it for some reason or another, but it really seemed like she loved the place, especially compared to our last apartment! The place that we were staying in was literally half the size of the place that we have now, in more ways than one! We have double the square footage, and the ceilings are almost twice as high! Things will be really good next month, and I am really looking forward to it!

As far as work goes, last week on Thursday we had our ‘Happy Hour’ which is the department’s way of notifying everyone of the new people and introducing them to their new teams. Wednesday I had a 1-on-1 interview-type thing where I gave a manager my top choices for teams and they would take those into consideration, as well as staffing concerns, and then place all of us new employees on our respective teams. I ended up with my first choice, Reconfigurable Controls (ReCon). They deal with LabVIEW FPGA, PDA, Touch Panel, DSC, as well as the Compact Rio (cRIO) products! I am very excited about this because I really enjoy working with FPGAs and programming them, I feel that I will do well on this team!

Now I guess the next few things coming up are filing taxes (joy), and focusing on work so I can become really solid on these products. There are so many possibilities it will be difficult to predict where I will be in a year or two from now, but I am going to just focus on working hard so that when different opportunities arise, I will be a good candidate to consider for the position. Primarily I am wanting to, for now, get involved with Customer Education (CustEd) and teach classes both internally and externally to hopefully better my odds at a branch assignment sometime next year. Even though the branch assignments are few and far between, I really would like one. While there isn’t much that one can do specifically to prepare for one, I am going to do whatever I think can increase my chances.

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  1. Dear Jared,

    I have loved reading these two posts over and over again. I am definitely drawn into your deep electrical engineering personality and how you care about your wife’s opinion on the apartment. I am guessing you care about her opinions in other things too, so I would suggest posting something soon!



    PS: I like you more.

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