Growing Up

So it has been almost three months since I last wrote in my blog.  Obviously there have been several changes, both with life and with work.  I figured I’d start off with my life’s changes over this time-frame as they are more important than work.

Elisabeth is now down in Texas, and has been for a while.  Unfortunately her headaches are still giving her some real problems.  She gets dizzy at times and there are occasions when it would be unsafe for her to drive down the street to the grocery store.  We have had her go to a few different doctors; she’s even had an MRI.  Her last doctor’s visit seemed to go pretty well, but nothing really came out of it.  She was advised to stop taking her prescription pain medication.  She stopped and the next few days after that were pretty bad for her.  But then there seemed to be a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.  Unfortunately the tunnel must have fabricated a curve as that light faded about a week later when the headaches returned in full-force.  She has since cut down on pain medication tremendously, but the headaches still happen.  Luckily overall they are not quite as bad, but they are not anywhere close to where we’d like them to be.

After Elisabeth came down we started decorating the apartment.  I didn’t do much before she came down for a few reasons.  The first reason is that she generally has better taste and the second reason was I didn’t want to un-decorate things.  We made a pretty awesome purchase of a wall-hanging by the artist Don Li-Leger.  We will most likely be getting more of his artwork over time as we really enjoy his style.  The walls were pretty bare before Elisabeth came down, but now they are slowly getting filled with items.

We also decided to get a garage at our apartment, as the price was not much more than paying for external storage that we had limited access to.  So we had the moving company bring all of our extra stuff and load it in the garage.  I’ve slowly been working on organizing things so I can also fit my car in there, which will be nice.  Unfortunately the organizing is going pretty slow because I don’t really want to do it, and it can get really hot in the garage.  I think I might plug in the air conditioner down there and see if it can cool it down, the fan I’ve been using just isn’t cutting it.

One more piece of exciting life-related news is that we decided to get a dog.  We were looking at a few different breeds that would be well-suited for apartment life.  We decided to get an Italian Greyhound.  He is such a joy to spend time with.  I do wish we had a yard so he could run around a little more, as our apartment doesn’t provide a long enough runway for him.  We’ve been able to fully potty train him as well as get him to obey basic commands.  He responds to treats quite well, which makes everything a whole lot easier.  His official name on the AKC registration is a bit long, so he goes by Stevie.  He’s a cool guy though and loves to do walks.  Mainly he just likes making his master’s happy, which in-turn makes us happy as well.

In work related news I am still on ReCon, but I am now on the SPG area.  When I started I was just on the ‘Core’ products, but I have since moved up to ‘SPG’ which is the Specialty Products for the team you are on.  That is going really well and I’m learning new things every day.  The learning curve is definitely back as with Core I was feeling a little flat-lined.  On SPG, however, I am on a steep part of the curve again.

Last week I also volunteered to become one of eight supporters of our embedded systems modules.  I now play a key role in supporting the ADI Blackfin Processors as well as ARM Microcontrollers.  This is a pretty crazy task, but it will pay off in the future for sure.  It is also pretty fun and stuff that I really enjoy.  It was a pretty crazy week at work during training for the embedded systems, but I am starting to catch back up and get back to my normal routine.

It is pretty crazy how fast life changes.  A little over a year ago I was an un-married college student.  Now I am happily married, have a dog, and enjoy working at a career that encourages me to keep on learning.  Life definitely goes by you in a blink of an eye.

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  1. Life has been going by so fast! But it’s wonderful being together again- and you’re doing so great at your work! You’re the best husband any girl could ever ask for!

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