So, things might start really being cool soon.  Elisabeth has officially accepted a job with the Leander Independent School District teaching at Canyon Ridge Middle School.  This is very exciting for both of us.  Especially exciting for her because she didn’t think she’d actually get to teach this school year because of licensing and other factors.  But, she rocked out her first interview, and I’m really proud of her!  I too am excited because this means that she will hopefully be happier about herself and not feel like she is a ‘mooch’.  Which I never thought she was, but she wasn’t feel like she was contributing as much as she wanted too.  Now she’ll be contributing financially, which will be a tremendous help towards saving up for a house and paying off those lovely student loans.

I guess this D.I.N.K. title (Dual/Double Income No Kids) isn’t fully accurate, because we do have Stevie!  But, he isn’t human so I’m still going to claim this title.  I am excited to start searching for homes, I want a yard really badly.  It is a bit sad, I actually miss yardwork!  I also want my own garage so I can put shelving and organization units as I please (with Elisabeth’s approval, of course).  We will see though, there are still several variables so nothing is for certain yet, but I forsee us being in a home by Summer 2010.

3 Responses to “D.I.N.K.”

  1. Hooray! Good job you guys!

  2. Naturally, you wouldn’t dare to do anything of the sort without my approval… *snort*

    We’re going to be DINKs(as long as everything goes as we have planned, and Stevie IS a dog…)! I’m so glad I can finally help out a little more with the finances. 🙂

  3. Not D.I.N.K…..D.I.N.K.Y

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