So Far So Good

Last night was pretty cool down at the convention center.  I was able to get everything set up that I was able to, but unfortunately about half way through getting my demo up and running I found out that I should wait for a different computer to be delivered in the morning.  So, I decided to just hang out for a little bit and I talked with some people from LEGO Denmark.  These guys were crazy (in a good way) about LEGOs!

They had also brought a demo which was a scale model of an underwater trench digging machine that is used in the ocean.  They had a few hundred gallon fish tank and the LEGO robot was submerged, motors and all.  It worked and it worked really well!  I also was able to talk to the lead engineer for the 3rd place winning vehicle for the DARPA Urban Challenge.  That car was way cool!

There were plenty of other demos either being set up or already set up, so I wandered about checking things out.  We had several pavilions.  There was the ‘Improving Everyday Life’, ‘Robotics’, ‘LabVIEW’, ‘RF’, ‘Sound and Vibration’, ‘Test’, and a few others out there.  Plus there were a large amount of other companies that had their own individual booths.

This morning was the big event though.  It was the biggest keynote of the week, and had a huge amount of press.  I spoke to several members of the media and saw them filming all sorts of neat things.  It was really cool.  The only bummer was that I got there really early, missed the keynote, and the computer that I was supposed to set up my demo on didn’t work properly (Was a laptop from one of the LEGO guys).  So, I went back to setting everything up on the computer I had almost finished getting up and running yesterday.

Four hours later, and my demo was up and running!  I also helped set up the NITRO robot and a few other demos.  Then the engineers and scientists came in droves.  It was a madhouse!  But it was great!  I am definitely looking forward to next year’s convention, especially because it will not interfere with Elisabeth’s birthday (which is right around the corner!)

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  1. 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed the convention stuff so much! That picture of the underwater trench digger was awesome. *hugs*

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