My, What Plentiful Bats You Have!

Today was Elisabeth’s 22nd birthday!  It was a good birthday, I’d like to think.

Things started off great in the morning.  I gave her 2 of her many gifts early on.  Then, I came home from work early, thank’s to my manager Stephanie.  So, I get home and I had decided that we’d go to an authentic Japanese restraunt in downtown Austin.  We went to Kyoto.  I had actually gone to this place a few days ago on Tuesday with Asa K. from work, he treated me to sushi for lunch just for the heck of it (and we were already downtown).  So, I knew it was good, and Elisabeth and I have been on an asian-themed path lately, so it fit right in.

Elisabeth hadn’t had much good history with sushi, and my history was only two days ago, so we were being a bit adventerous!  We got two rolls of sushi, the Godzilla and the Barton Springs sushi off their menu.  Those were good, the Godzilla is my favorite that I’ve had so far (I’ve tried 4 kinds now is all though).  But, then came the main part of the meal, I chose to have the ‘Saba Shio-Yaki’ (Mackerel), and Elisabeth tried the ‘Ten Don’ (Shrimp and Veggie Tempura).  It was pretty good!  I think next time we go I am going to try the ‘Hamachi Kama’.  It doesn’t sound too good on paper, but I’ve been told it is really good, and I’d probably like it because I liked the Saba so much.

So, dinner went really well!  We then decided to walk to the ‘Bat Bridge‘ on Congress Ave.  We saw a ton of people heading away from the bridge, so we thought the prime viewing time (dusk) was officially over.  But we were wrong!  We got up to the bridge and stood under a light post and gazed down to the river.  There were tons and tons of bats swarming about!  We then bumped into one of my co-workers, Van L., and talked to him for a few moments.  After about 15-20 minutes of looking at the bats we decided that we’d had enough, but it was really cool.  Next time we’ll try to get an under-bridge view either by setting up a blanket on the river bank, or doing a boat tour (yes, they have evening bat-watching boat tours!).

After dinner and the bats we headed back home and had generous slices of Costco Ultimate Chocolate Cake of Doom!  Seven pounds of pure heaven.  Finished off the evening with a few more gifts, and opening cards and whatnot.  Was overall a good day, and has been a pretty good week so far!

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  1. Yeah for Elisabeth’s birthday! It sounds like it was super super fun! I want to come see all the bats. Next time in town I’m going to pester you guys to go with me!

  2. Thanks for the GREAT birthday, love! it was fabulous… I really want to have more of that Godzilla sushi RIGHT NOW! hmm… maybe it’s time to make dinner. 🙂

    Thanks again for such a wonderful birthday- it was a lot of fun, and I loved my gifts!!!

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