Movin’ On Up

This morning at work was pretty awesome.  I was just hanging out at my desk doing my own thing and then my ex-manager (she got a diff position the Friday before) came up to me and told me that rather than taking Aashish M.’s desk when he moves, that I should take Stanley H.’s old desk.  This was pretty exciting for me because I really wanted Stanley’s desk after he left, but I was under the impression that someone else was going to be getting it.  So, I quickly agreed and began trying to figure out how and when I should move things over.

About a half hour later, my new manager, Noah R., came up to me and gave me the same news.  But then added a little something on top of it.  He informed me that I’d be subbing on the PE Team (Product Expert) for the week of Sept. 2nd-5th.  He explained that it would be a good week because I’d just be getting back from a week out teaching.  I informed him that I had actually swapped with someone so that they could go to Phoenix and teach and I could go to Vancouver.  So now as it stands, I’ll be subbing the week before teaching, which is awesome!  I do wish it were the other way around, but I’m just excited that I’m subbing and that I get to go to Canada.

Normally when people start subbing on a different team it usually means they are either just helping out, or they will soon be on that team.  I’m really hoping that I get on the PE team soon, and I think that I will.  We’ll see how things go though, my new desk will be on the PE side, so that has to be a good sign, right?

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  1. Yeah new desk! you should take a picture 🙂

  2. *crosses fingers* good luck!!!

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