Resuming Reading

I’m definitely enjoying my new desk!  It is so much quieter on the PE side and while people constantly come to me with escalations (asking for advice/suggestions), it is much better than my old desk.  I miss sitting next to my buddies, but I work much more efficiently than before.  I am actually getting out of work at a decent hour and am feeling like I get more done while I’m there.  I ended up raising my monitors a little bit though to avoid the rubberband attacks, but aside from that, all is well!

Because I finally feel like I have a little more free time (read – not working 60hr weeks) I have started reading again.  Still not a ton of reading nor anything super fancy, but I am reading again while at home.  I decided to actually read Harry Potter, because I had only read the first book in Spanish, and that was years ago.  It is not a bad book, not my ideal book to read, but it is good.  I am enjoying the story and the characters even though parts just annoy me.  I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the series here in a few months, I’m trying to read at least one chapter a day, but sometimes I’ll read 2-3.

I stopped reading for a long time mainly due to school and other activities that I preferred.  I stopped reading I think around Junior High School.  My reasons probably varied but I’d say that it had to do mostly with a combination of BMX and Nintendo on the other activities side, but school just turned me off to reading for the longest time.  We were ‘forced’ to read certain books and they weren’t really ever my kind of book.  After several books like this, I didn’t have the desire to continue reading.

College came around that that definitely did not leave as much time for reading as well as completely obliterated any desire that I had.  I had to do so much ‘work’ reading that I couldn’t do it anymore for enjoyment – I didn’t even try.  But, now that it has been a solid 8 months or so since I’ve opened a text book for school purposes, I actually don’t cringe when I see the sight of a book and think about reading it.  We’ll see what things I’ll be reading in the next few months.

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