Where Are The Fruit Loops?

So, this morning was pretty funny at breakfast.  We were sitting there eating our breakfast (we were running later so just had some cereal) and I just had to laugh about what we were eating.  I was eating Grape Nuts, and Elisabeth was eating some Organic Kashi Wheat cereal.  What the heck is wrong with this picture?  I remember the good ol’ days of sugar-filled cereal being the best thing ever, and shredded wheat being nasty and healthy (eww!).  But no, not anymore.  Now the good stuff is the healthy stuff.  Strange how things change like that.

Also, at work now at my new area sitting by a few of the heavy coffee drinkers on the team, I have been wanting to be a little healthier there too.  I used to take an off-brand Dr. Pepper drink with me every single day for a couple of months.  I’ve stopped that now and take bottled water every day.  Rough weeks I’ll take a soda or two, but for the most part I stopped drinking it.

But, now I’m getting bored with the water and am wanting something more!  Then I remembered that at NI Week I had received a thermos-style mug/cup thing.  This would be great for coffee except for the fact that coffee is nasty.  But, I remembered another awesome thing!  A few weeks agoat the grocery store I picked up some Spiced Cider because the weather was a bit icky and I really like the stuff.  So, my plan for tomorrow is to take with me my thermos with two packets of cider (6-8oz mixtures) and utilize the coffee pot’s hot water feature and make me some cider!  We’ll see how it works though hah.  Worst case scenario is that I waste some tomorow and just make it on colder days at home and drink it during my commute.

So, is healthier better?  Well obviously yes it is, but on more reasons that what people tell you about.  Healthier just feels better too!  Mix this with my new found enjoyment with reading and I’m starting to feel like an older boring person – woo hoo!  Not saying that old people are boring, but when I was younger, I thought reading was for old people and that wheat cereal was also.  So much for that idea, because I’m not old (at least not that old) and I enjoy this stuff.  I guess I take back those things that I felt years ago, for now anyway.

4 Responses to “Where Are The Fruit Loops?”

  1. Yeah for being old and boring! I’m pretty impressed that you don’t drink soda anymore.. I might not recognize you!

  2. :-p you are so silly. I love you!

  3. I am so glad that you are old and boring like us now! lol

  4. I can relate to the old and boring bit of it. Kudos to you for being healthy. While I’m not a huge fan of Fruit Loops, I definitely still enjoy my marshmallow matey’s (after my shredded wheat…)

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